Check out these rare photos of the next generation of Bob Marley. EXCLUSIVENESS!

The Next Generation of Marley Kids and Chronixx


Exclusive images of the next generation of Bob Marley have surfaced the internet.

The next generation of the Jamaican musical dynasty has emerged in the public spotlight, even as the world’s ongoing love affair with the music and persona of Bob Marley shows no sign of slowing down.

The photos consist of Ky-Mani Jr., Jo Mersa, Biggz General, Yohan Marley, Jesse Royal, Dax Lion, Biggz General, Young Pow of Damian Marley’s band and Chronixx.

These images were taken in March, at Saturday’s 9 Mile Festival in Miami.

Words in the street are that Bob Marley’s grandchildren are already soaked in the music business and have performed internationally at family affiliated festivals.

Check out the photos of the next generation of Bob Marley.

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