See this exclusive image of Rohan Marley's beautiful daughter Eden sporting a belly blouse with leggings.

Rohan's daughter Eden Marley Flaunts Curves In Leggings- Feature -

Beauty queen Eden, daughter of — the son of reggae legend Bob Marley — shared an image of herself sporting a belly blouse and a leggings.

Eden is the eldest daughter of Rohan Marley. Eden has a brother on her mother’s side to Rohan named Nicolas.

On March 18, 1993, while a sophomore in college, Rohan married his Eden’s mother, Geraldine Khawly.

Marley had never divorced Khawly, according to Rolling Stone. However, in 2011, Marley produced a Haitian divorce decree which demonstrated that he had divorced Khawly in 1996, according to Wikipedia.

See the full image of Rohan Marley’s beautiful daughter Eden flaunting her curves in a legging.

Rohan's daughter Eden Marley Flaunts Curves In Leggings -


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