Beauty queen Eden Marley, daughter of Rohan Marley — shares images of herself, flaunting her booty game.

Eden & Selah Marley -- Rohan Marley Daughters -

Beauty queen , daughter of — shares images of herself, flaunting her booty game.

For nearly 15 years — Eden’s mother, Geraldine Khawly has worked within the local community helping to make affordable housing a dream come true for the residents of South Florida.

As an entrepreneur, Rohan Marley is the founder of the clothing line Tuff Gong. He is also one of the founders of Marley Coffee which is an organic coffee business based in Jamaica.

While he was still in college, Rohan Marley married Geraldine Khawly. They had two children together named Eden and Nicolas. Later on, he met Lauryn Hill, a musician. Though Hill claimed Marley to be her husband, there are rumors stating that Marley has never divorced Khawly. Hill and Marley has five children together named Zion David, Selah Louise, Joshua Omaru, Sarah and John Nesta.

Marley was reported to be engaged to Isabeli Fontana, a supermodel. However, the engagement was called off in September 2012.

See the full image of Rohan Marley’s beautiful daughter Eden flaunting it all with sister Selah, and a friend.


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