Watch Popcaan's music video for "Wine For Me," off his second album, "Forever."

treated his fans to the official music video for “Wine For Me.”

The star released the visuals for his groovy track on Tuesday, November 13, via Youtube.

“Wine For Me” is featured on Popcaan’s new chart-topping “Forever” album.

“Pretty likkle black skin girl (Woii oii) / Pretty likkle light skin girl, yeah (Cho) / The way you a wine girl / Make me haffi stop everything / Me want turn you inna wifey / Pretty likkle diamond ring (Woii),” Popcaan sings in the Mixpak Records-produced single.

“Caribbean beauty, Caribbean cutie / Me want lock you inna me house and put you pon duty / Boy I can’t call you / Sketell tell him don’t do that / Number one property that, baby
You drop a bomb like Iraq / Small and tight even if it no fat,” he continues.

Popcaan is reportedly set to release another music video from his “Forever” project in the next few weeks.

The Jamaican entertainer was in Lagos, Nigeria with Davido to shoot footage for their “Dun Rich” collaboration, over the weekend.

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