Rihanna Stuns In Vintage-Styled ‘Garage’ Magazine Cover Shoot

Rihanna looks gorgeous on the cover of Garage magazine, rocking statement nails and a vintage look. See the photos!

Rihanna's GARAGE Cover Shoot with Deana Lawson

has graced the cover of GARAGE Magazine’s Sept. issue, entitled “The Human Future.”

The vintage-inspired shoot features the “Love on the Brain” singer in an array of couture outfits with throwback pieces, including a 1960’s French rose bolero top and a yellow American vintage ballroom skirt.

Rihanna’s edge is integrated into the looks with a nearly black lipstick from her line of FENTY cosmetics, and extra long golden bejeweled nails.

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Rihanna Featured On The Cover Of 'GARAGE' In Sexy Vintage Photo

Rihanna Slays In 'Garage' Magazine Cover

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The shoot, styled by Carlos Nazario, was designed to push the singer to explore fresh and innovative looks. 

“I think her comfort zone is to push it, right? I don’t think she feels comfortable when she feels like she’s worn it before,” Nazario told the magazine.

“I think when she gets excited, and when she often feels the most beautiful and the most powerful, is when she’s wearing something that kinda feels unexpected,” he added.

The shoot was photographed by Deana Lawson, who also shot the cover for Blood Orange’s Freetown Sound.

“The Human Future” marks Lawson’s first cover and fashion editorial shoot to date. 

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