Shenseea And Samantha J “Show Off” In New Video With Azaryah

Watch "Show Off" music video by Samantha J, Shenseea and Azaryah, produced by Jonny Blaze and Stadic.

Caribbean musicians , and Azaryah dropped the video for their summer single “Show Off,” produced by Jonny Blaze and Stadic.

“Show Off” is a call to be confident and proud of yourself; your culture, your dancing, your fashion, your music.

Jonny Blaze and Stadic have been successfully collaborating for over a year on various big International songs and projects while also continuing to feverishly work on their individual brands, projects and goals.

As with the majority of the their projects “Show Off” stays true to Caribbean roots and rhythms, however with a global twist and appeal.

“The objective is for our music to be ultimately be labeled as world music, where it becomes less about genre conformation and more about feel of the music that can be appreciated by everyone the world over,” Trinidadian based Stadic explained.

“We want our music to be played on any radio station, any international location/country, any party, any playlist, and not be confined by a Caribbean/ specific label or show,” US based Jonny Blaze expressed.

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