Spice Big Booty Photo Shocks Social Media

Spice's latest "Big Booty" photo has shocked Dancehall fans on social media.
The Dancehall diva flaunted her curves and left little to the imagination.

Dancehall artiste Spice flaunted her big assets online and sent social media into a frenzy once again.

The “Needle Eye” deejay, who is inclined to sharing eye-catching pictures of herself, has released another thirst-trapping photo, teasing her fans on Instagram and Facebook.

Spice is seen skimpily dressed, seemingly only bra and a beach wrap to conceal her vagina, as she poses on the balcony of her hotel room.

She also revealed that she has been single, and planned on going celibate for a year.

“Going Celibate for a year #Single and loving it💕,” she wrote on Instagram.

Spice Big Booty Photo Shocks Social Media

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