Spice ‘Skin Out’ Picture Breaks The Internet

Spice opens up, literally, to promote her new mixtape "Captured" and fans go into a frenzy. See the raunchy photo!

has been the most controversial artist since fall of this year.

The Jamaican entertainer left tongues wagging after she shared photos of herself sporting significantly lighter skin complexion and blasted Nightly Fix host Naro during an interview.

Spice recently took to Instagram to share a hot “nerdy” photo of herself, sitting with her legs wide open to promote her latest project.

“The man a rub mi like a genie so mi just open sesame, cause your man, him love under me, under me your man love under me,” she captioned the image.

While many fans gave Spice their approval for her raunchy look, some questioned her motive.

“Seriously you have to stop this. You killing the ppl dem wid all this sexiness pon di news feed.🔥🔥🔥🔥,” one user commented.

“Wtf does that mean tho?? 🤔🤦🏽🤷🏽 him love under me??? But OK u cute.or whatever.. #PromiscuousGirl,” another wrote.

“Don’t be like these nasty ass love and hip hop ho’s… too talented. Love the music though.,” a fan asserted.

One user even accused Spice of sexualizing school girls.

“Pls don’t sexualise school girls, your music is amazing tho!” the user said.

Spice’s is now promoting her new mixtape, “Captured,” which features tracks such as “Black Hypocrisy,” “Cool It,” and “Genie.” The controversial photograph is believed to be promoting the latter.

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