Blak Ryno gets the upper hand of fellow deejay Kip Rich and walks away with the US$30,000 prize money.

Black Ryno Murdered KipRich

Hype Life Magazine – Dancehall News – One year after he was laughed off Sting for an ill-advised attack on fellow deejay , was declared champion of the ‘Greatest One Night Show on Earth’ on Boxing Day.

A former member of ’s Portmore Empire, Black Ryno dethroned Kiprich as the ‘Clash King’ at the show’s 30th anniversary. He walked away US$30,000 richer and was also awarded the new Sting Clash title belt.

Blak Ryno shocked the jam-packed Jamworld Entertainment Complex and left his more established rival spellbound.

Before Ryno’s entrance just before 7:00 am, ‘Kippo’ seemed confident of retaining his title. He challenged veteran deejays and to a lyrical showdown, but it was Blak Ryno who took up the challenge.

“A joke sup’m, is wha’ dis dem sen’ up here?” Kiprich asked disdainfully.

Blak Ryno Murdered Kip RichFor approximately seven minutes, the champion held the advantage.

His free-styling including a reference to Blak Ryno and Popcaan’s farcical feud at last year’s show and referred to him as Vybz Kartel’s beating stick.

Undeterred, Ryno responded with a string of rhymes that left the ‘champ’ down for the count.

It was clear who fans thought was the winner as they booed Kiprich off stage.

He later returned and congratulated his rival.

Blak Ryno gets the upper hand of fellow deejay and walks away with the US$30,000 prize money.

Ryno sports the championship belt after defeating Kip Rich in the major clash at Sting.

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