Watch "The Mummy" trailer starring Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe.

Big reveals and jaw-dropping action sequences highlight the trailer of ’s new adventure flick “The Mummy,” which was shown at last week’s CinemaCon convention and has now been uploaded online.

“The Mummy” reboot, which hits theaters on June 9, tells the story of an ancient princess, who murdered an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh in his sleep was promised that she would be the ruler of the land, but that was taken away from her, and now she’s returning to power through a curse put on Cruise’s character, Nick Morton.

(“Kingsmen,” “Star Trek Beyond”) takes on the role of the titular monster — a female for the first time in cinematic history.

The trailer shows “Mission: Impossible”-style stunts, including one involving a terrifying zero gravity plane crash.

The scene involved 64 takes during four high altitude flights over two days, leading to “a lot of barfing,” according to writer and director Alex Kurtzman.

Tom Cruise was offered the option to do the scene on a sound stage, but he insisted on filming the sequence in zero gravity, believing it was important that audiences got the most realistic experience possible.

“He did not barf,” said co-star at the Universal Pictures presentation, who said much of the 64-person crew became sick to their stomachs. Wallis also held down her lunch, but credited Cruise with being a gentleman.

“I was happy to have Tom on hand to hold back the hair, if needed,” Wallis said.

Jake Johnson, who plays Cruise’s sidekick in the film, said the star pressured actors to do their own stunts. That led to a few scrapes and bruises.

Watch a featurette of the stunt.

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