Following the success of his hit single "Inna Real Life," Vershon drops the video for "Use To Hungry."

new-comer released the anticipated visual for his new single “Use To Hungry.”

In the music video, directed by Terminal 4 Media, the “Inna Real Life” deejay expresses gratitude for his success while reflecting on his harsh life in the past.

Vershon sings… “Hold on nuh, Thank you father fi shine little light cause, Weh me a come from no time it nuh nice
Although me nuh rich and have a vehicle a drive, Me give thanks fi weh me reach inna life
Caw me use to hungry, Me never use to have money
A use to dumplin and butter, Man use to suffer
So all who a fight me fi lowe me.”

The song was produced by Hard@work and Frenz for Real.

Watch “Use To Hungry” music video by Vershon.

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