Watch 80's DanceHall Style music video by Aidonia.

Aidonia - 80's DanceHall Style Video

artist has released the visuals for his single titled 80’s DanceHall Style.

Aidonia shows appreciation and respect for the greats before him in his song, 80’s Dancehall Style.

Born in 1981, Aidonia may not have been old enough to hang out in dancehall sessions during that time, but he represents for the newer generation, aware of their roots and culture. Aidonia pays tribute to this era with his new video for “80′s Dance Style.”

In the vintage video, the JOP deejay spits lyrics over a 1980s dancehall beat, bigging up all the pioneers in dancehall, as well as, some infamous garrison communities in Kingston as he sips on a bottle of Dragon Stout.

Produced by Jag One Productions/Ancient Records over the classic “Golden Hen” riddim, this song sounds refreshing to the ear. 

Tell the ghetto youth them seh fi stay strong
No bother watch the trial and the tribulation
No bother tek no pressure from the situation
No bother do no wrong them lock you up a station
Deh one yah reaching out yeh to every nation
A unity wi waan no waan no segregation


 Watch 80’s DanceHall Style music video by Aidonia.

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