Dancehall star Aidonia has been one of the most underrated artists in dancehall over the last decade. Is he on the same level as Vybz Kartel?

star  has been one of the most underrated artists in over the last decade.

Speaking with Anthony Miller of ER, the JOP boss says he is right up there with all the top acts in dancehall including incarcerated deejay .

“Any artist name you call you have to say Aidonia, any camp name you call you have to say JOP or fourth generation, so Aidonia thing has always been there but people try to make it look different. Aidonia is a big brand and big artist and the whole world know that and Jamaica know that,” the “Run Road” deejay said.

Adonia also made a bold statement that he is right up there at the top of dancehall with Vybz Kartel.

“I am right there… Remember Kartel thing went south its we and Kartel start fall back and bring back his thing, so from you say Kartel you have to say Aidonia… who do they say are two of the baddest lyricists? the deejay asked.

Aidonia also opened up about why he feels he is underrated in dancehall and giving back to his community.

“Every year I’ve been right here in dancehall music and it’s just people trying to make it look differently,” the artist said.

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