Watch Rosie music video by Barrington Levy.

Barrington Levy - Rosie

Veteran singer released the music video for his latest single Rosie.

Allison McLean, who directed the video, said it was a learning experience working with Levy.

As icon Barrington Levy’s latest single, ‘Rosie’ bombs FM radio into submission, many people have been wondering what is the singer’s obsession with ‘Rosie’.

The single, produced by Handel Tucker and Barrington Levy, was recorded at Mixing Lab studios and features the talents of musicians such as Dean Fraser (horns), Winston Bowen (guitar) and backing vocals by Tabeta McEwan. The music for the single is also performed by Handel Tucker.


Levy admits that the song is a Part II to his seminal hit, ‘Black Roses’.

Watch Rosie music video by Barrington Levy.

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