Watch Gully Bop's live performance at Scala Night Club on England. Gully Bop’s story keeps on getting better.

Gully Bop Thrills UK Crowd with Great Performance

’s story keeps on getting better.

The Dancehall sensation is proving to the world that he is more than capable of sustaining a career in the music industry and his fans are showing him that they are here to support him on his journey.

Reports are that Gully Bop has been giving his fans their money’s worth, delivering thrilling performances and leaving his audience fulfilled.

A patron at the event had this to say to media reporters.

“Gully Bop is amazing. His story is an incredible one that should be pushed continuously. I’m not a dancehall fan but I had to come and support him. I am not disappointed. He worked the crowd very well, and interacted with the fans. With proper management and guidance he can become one of the biggest entertainers out of Jamaica.”

Watch Gully Bop’s live performance at Scala Night Club on England.

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