Watch Drop Girl by Ice Cube featuring Redfoo and 2 Chanz, produced by Lench Mob Records.

Ice Cube Ft. 2 Chainz & Redfoo – Drop Girl (Official Music Video) -

has released the twerk-heavy video for his single Drop Girl, featuring & of the group LMFAO.

Ice Cube is still prepping his album Everythang’s Corrupt, as release date is yet to announced.

Cube is attempting the EDM-rap influence however fans may have enjoyed something a little more traditional from the OG. The video is almost as weird as the song, if not more so, as Cube, Redfoo and Tity Boi turn into bobble heads that work in a science lab, all in an effort to make girls drop their booties.

The video utilizes the intentionally cheap looking big head visual concept seen in the elf videos everyone seems to circulate on Facebook around christmas time; which works to a pretty humorous result.

Fans are reportedly unsatisfied with the visual production — obviously this isn’t what you usually expect for someone like Ice Cube, none the less there’s nothing wrong with a good laugh every so often, and damn is the song strangely catchy.

Watch Drop Girl by Ice Cube featuring Redfoo and 2 Chanz.

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