Watch Ishawna shows off her twerking skill -- dressed in a skin-tight spandex leggings, shaking her booty to one of her tracks.

Ishawna Shows off her Booty Jaw In Batty Rider Attire

Video: Twerks Her Big Booty in Tight Blue Spandex Outfit on Instagram!

Jamaican sing-jay Ishawna shared a raunchy clip of herself, dressed in a blue skin-tight spandex leggings, shaking her booty to one of her new tracks.

Watch the footage of Ishawna jiggling her rare, sending her followers in hysteria.

In 2006, recruited Ishawna as the first lady of his Alliance crew.

In 2008 she broke out as a name to with her collaboration “For You.” Following two hit tracks with Elephant Man, she quickly became an underground sensation and been putting in heavy work ever since.

“I’m just a regular ordinary ghetto girl, I can be in the grimiest place and I’m ok, and I can be in the most prestigious place, and I’m ok,” she told reporters in an interview.

With support from Hot 97, work with Foota Hype, Jam 2 Records, Baby G and Don Corleon, and a sponsorship deal with Lime, Ishawna became a popular artist.

In 2013, Ishawna and Foota Hype, who have a son together, announced that they would be getting married. However, the relationship end in 2014.

“At this moment, we both understand that this is not working. At the end of the day, I still have love for him,” Ishawna told media reporters.

With her career as her main focus, Ishawna says she has recently released the visual for Need Love.

She has collaborated with for a song called Hottest Gal, and she is also featured on another song with Specialist.

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