Queen of the Dancehall Lady Saw crushed longtime rival Macka Diamond at Sting 2013.

Lady Saw Crushed Macka Diamond At Sting 2013

Queen of the crushed longtime rival at Sting 2013.

Lady Saw Disses Macka Diamond On Twitter: “Macka Diamond Take Too Much Man!!!”

‘War’ was declared between Lady Saw and Macka Diamond and in the end Saw was the last diva standing at Sting Thursday night.

“Sen’ out di mongrel, a wey shi dey?!” a pumped-up Saw declared shortly after taking the stage.

Macka Diamond was just as feisty.

“A wha’ some dutty gyal a sey?” she retorted to roars from the crowd.

The clash soon got ugly and personal with Macka Diamond hissing:

“Yuh nuh si yuh can’t keep nuh man cause yuh too nengy nengy.”

Saw blurted: “Wha’ happen to da fool dey? Si mi man dey ova dey so,” pointing to boyfriend ‘John John’ who watched the exchange from stageside.

It was Saw who dominated as minutes into the bout, Macka appeared to run out of lyrics, enabling her raucous rival to order:

“Cum off a di stage, yuh a fool!”

The beaten Macka did just that, retreating to resounding boos.

Before the clash, Saw delivered a tantalising set which included favourites like Walk Out, Wife a Wife and Mr Shortcomings.

The peak of her performance came when she invited international male model Tyson Beckford onstage to perform the hit single, Heels On.

Beckford was all smiles when Saw ordered him to lie down as she and another female took turns gyrating on him.

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