Watch "Tight Up Skirt" music video by Samantha J. It's an uptempo dancehall-pop hybrid song, produced by local musical powerhouse Washroom Entertainment.

 Samantha J - Tight Up Skirt

Jamaica’s newest singing sensation teenager has debuted the visuals for her single “Tight Up Skirt” on MTV’s buzzworthy.

“Tight Up Skirt” is an uptempo -pop hybrid song, produced by local musical powerhouse Washroom Entertainment. The song’s title is a namesake of the 1990s classic by .

The Dancehall pop-star emphasized that her video differentiates itself by showcasing the vibrant Jamaican scenery, highlighting her music video inspiration taken from .

Samantha’s “Tight Skirt” video sees the singer, who commands a heady mix of Patois, pop, dancehall, and reggae, busting out of a boring class to roam the streets.

On the same day that the video was premiered, VH1 was also pumping Samantha’s vocals as a background track for the hit reality weekly series – Chrissy and Mr Jones, which is about the lives of rapper Jim Jones and his female companion Chrissy Lampkin.

Samantha was initially discovered during a model casting in Ocho Rios and is well on her way to becoming -level famous in her native Jamaica and in all cardinal directions beyond.

Dancehall pop princess Samantha J’s “Tight Skirt” sounds as good as she looks.

Watch the video for “Tight Up Skirt” by Samantha J and share your thoughts below.

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