Jamaican singer ,Tessanne Chin dominated night two of this season’s blind auditions "The View". Watch her performance here!

Tessanne Chin performs "Try" by Pink on The Voice Husband

Eyes were glued to American TV station NBC last night as Jamaican singer literally blew away the coaches and audience when she auditioned for Emmy Award-winning vocal competition ‘’.

Tessanne Chin dominated night two of this season’s blind auditions.

Yes, It was Tessanne Chin, 28, who really had the judges going all-in.

The judges were not only fascinated by Chin’s Jamaican accent, but were totally blown away by her powerful voice.

The final performer of the evening, singing “Try” by , this Jamaica native had all four judges turned around by the time she hit the song’s chorus.

Having performed on tour with well-known reggae singer , Tessanne is no novice, but she was still nervous to go on The Voice.

“This is my first time, on this level, singing a song that’s not reggae,” Tessanne revealed.

“I’m going to hold on with two hands and make the most of this opportunity.”

Jimmy, himself, called in to wish her luck.

He said her audition was: “a great opportunity for America to see you.”

She knocked it out of the park, giving  the confidence to proclaim, “You could easily win The Voice this season.”And with that, Adam snagged the final performer for the second night in a row.

Adam Levine then added, “I don’t have a doubt in my mind…it would have been a big mistake not turning around for you, you have something crazy special”.

The final performer for the two-hour show, Tessanne, who was accompanied by her husband and father , spoke about her career and her journey as an artiste prior to her performance.

Watch Tessanne Chin’s astonishing performance of “Try” by P!nk, on The Voice. Share your thoughts below.

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