FIFA 2014 World Cup’s best goals from Tim Cahill, Robin van Persie and James Rodriguez can’t get any better, now appear in flipbook form. Watch and enjoy!

Robin van Persie: Header is First Amazing Goal of the 2014 World Cup

Just when you think the ’s best goals from , and can’t get any better, they appear in flipbook form.

Even after a thrilling World Cup was brought to an end via Mario Götze’s winning goal for Germany on Sunday, fans of the beautiful game just can’t seem to let go of what had been a great month of soccer.


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Naturally, that has translated to a bunch of respective looks back at the tournament and debates over which players had the best moments. Though it’s the type of discussion that could run long into the night, there’s no argument over who the top dogs were when it came to scoring goals.

It’s safe to say that Colombia’s James Rodriguez, The Netherlands’ Robin van Persie and Australia’s Tim Cahill scored the three best goals of the tournament, by far.


It’s for that reason that German company Stabilo reimagined the three magnificent scores, and Germany’s winning moment, using flipbook images.

Watch the video below!

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