Popcaan responds to YouTube users about his hairstyle, being the "biggest Jamaica artist" and featuring a girl with small-sized butt.

has responded to several YouTube comments on his music video for “Love Yuh Bad.”

During four-minute clip, the star read remarks from social media fans about his infamous hairstyle and featuring a “girl who doesn’t have a big butt with long Brazilian weave.”

Is Popcaan The Most Hated Artist In Dancehall?

The “World Cup” deejay also embraced comments about his music being uplifting and that “ is life bumbaclat.”

Furthermore, he agreed to a remark that reads “Popcaan is the biggest Jamaican artist at the moment.”

“Thank you. At least sombody has sense,” he said.

According to Popcaan, most of the comments were positive.

“I don’t see anybody writing no rubbish here still,” he stated.

“Well, a few people write some fuckery still, at least there is more love than hate still, yuh know,” he added.

Peep the full footage with Popcaan reading comments on the smash hit of his debut album “Where We Come From.”

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