Vybz Kartel new song "One Box" focuses on the social issue of men abusing women under the suspicion of infidelity.

reeled out a new controversial single titled “One Box” which touches on the social issue of “men who abuse women for cheating.”

On the Vybz Kartel Muzik-produced track, which was released on Friday (Jan 18), the artist sheds light on domestic violence in Jamaica and across the globe.

Basically, the incarcerated deejay is highlighting the pattern of behavior which involves men physically abuse women in a domestic setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation, under the suspicion of infidelity.

“One box in a yo face, just true yo reach home late, Jesus Christ good thing yo never dweet whole day, dead yo would a dead same place, the boy waan kill yo for your pum pum,” Kartel deejays over a dancehall beat.

“Him a gwan like seh it deh under him foot…
Tell him say look you no old foot, yo fvk him and clean and yuh cook”

Listen to “One Box” by Vybz Kartel…

In December of last year when the track’s preview surfaced, several Dancehall fans accused Kartel of promoting domestic violence against women.

However, fanatics were urged to wait for the full song and don’t judge the track based on it’s snippet.

Ironically, “One Box” is a social issue-based song, which points out how some men tend to antagonize and abuse women when they suspect their partners are being sexually unfaithful.

The artwork cover for the record features a female with bruises under her eye and on her lip following a crimson background.

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