Yanique Barrett Butt-Naked Photo Ignites Social Media

Yanique Barrett flaunts naked booty online and breaks the internet!

Jamaican media personality  has once again sent social media into a frenzy after posting a butt-naked photo of herself online.

Yanique, whose popularly known as The Curvy Diva, took to Instagram to share her nude photo while promoting an upcoming event titled “Flesh Celebrity Beach” party.

Yanique Barrett Goes Butt-Naked Online, Ignites Social Media

Online users swarmed networks and blogs to share mixed views.

“Beautiful photo shallow minded individuals will always discredit a woman’s efforts especially those that speaks negatively towards someone’s body an what surprising those who speak about it looks l horrible in the mirror….certainly they need to live in the real world,” an Instagram follower of Yanique commented.

Photos: Yanique Barrett flaunts Big Booty in Red Dress

“No girl are going too far for attention.,” commented another follower.

“Both men and women love you, the ones who make negative comments do so because of envy, all celebrity who have it flaunt it for their fans the one who don’t is because the don’t have it like you, my only regret is that I can’t see more, cover the intimate parts but show us the curves without blur and closer, luv you girl,” another follower commented.

“Might as well yanique walk naked now, she beyond pathetic & annoying now, ppl really saying she looks good?? I feel sorry for her child, this hoe want to be Kim K so bad, no matter wah she do to her self se still cant keep a man to save her life, where are her friends?? family?? Smaddy need fi tell her to calm down now. Yanique f**k the most man and reshape her body yet still nah nothing fi show for it, she sad as f**k, she need mental help now,” an online user commented.

“I remembered when Yanique first came about as a Hostess. At that time, she seemed humble and pretty low-key with her personality status. Now, mi waan know a wah fly inna har head? She jus a go above and beyond inna everything she do. A wah cause de change inna de temperature from 0 – 100? A wah really a gwaan?” wrote another user.

“She a wicked fi go blur out har batty jaw dem,” a user wrote.

Yanique Barrett has yet to respond to the controversial remarks.

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