An elegant timepiece that took five years to make... Chanel's first Men's Watch released.

It’s taken some time for to introduce its first for men, but the fashion house’s newest model was most definitely worth the wait.

The new timepiece is called the Monsieur de Chanel, and is an elegant wristwatch that was entirely constructed at the luxury brand’s assembly plant in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Chanel Introduces Its First Men's Timepiece

Developed over the course of five years, the watch features a unique dial configuration, a 240-degree display, and Chanel’s first in-house movement, the Calibre 1.

The production of the timepiece will be limited to 300 units this year, with 150 being produced in beige gold and another 150 in white gold. They will be priced at $48,500 USD and $50,800 USD respectively.

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