Dancehall-Reggae star I-Octane recently teamed up with RepJA clothing line on a collaborative tee shirt line.

I-Octane And RepJA Clothing Line Launches Collaborative Tee-Shirt Line Featured

- singer is extending his portfolio. The Jamaican entertainer recently teamed up with on a collaborative tee shirt line.

The ‘Buss A Blank’ tees and tanks line was launched at the Base Kingston store in Manor Park.

RepJA is a groundbreaking apparel line that ushers the colourful and vibrant world world of Jamaican culture into a new era of edgy and artistic international expression.

RepJA clothing blends American street wear influences with nuances of Jamaica’s thriving mix of music, language, reggae dances and culture.

Prince, one of the RepJA pioneers, told repoerters that I-Octane was fully involved in the designing process of the line.

“I-Octane is a hot artiste right now and we wanted to do a collab. An opportunity came about where we got a link with I-Octane and we made it happen. There are different ‘Buss A Blank’ songs but, to us, I-Octane was the best one so that’s how we came up with the idea for the line,” he said.

The ‘Buss A Blank’ tees and tanks are currently only available in black but other colours will be added in the upcoming weeks. Additionally, there are plans to expand the line with collaborations from other artistes.

“We definitely have some things in the works but we also don’t want to do what everybody is doing. We want to keep it exclusive. Wiz Khalifa has worn our tees, Chris Brown and Kardinal Official also wore pieces from the line, so we have a lot of celebs endorsing RepJA,” Prince said.

I-Octane also thrilled fans at the launch with an impromptu set. Dancers from Dance JA got the audience amped up for I-Octane’s performance. Hits such as “Most High,” “Gal a Gimme Bun,” “Badmind Dem a Pree” and “Buss a Blank” were favourites with the crowd.

According to I-Octane, it was a wonderful experience to collaborate on a tee shirt line.

“It was great to collaborate with RepJA on the T-shirts. The fusion of music and fashion is one that I am exploring and it feels good to see it come to fruition with the ‘Buss a Blank’ shirts. I am working on expanding the I-Octane brand and building my company, ‘Conquer the Globe.’ This is just the first of many new ventures and I give the Almighty thanks for blessing me with these opportunities”.

On the musical aspect of things, fans can look out for I-Octane heating up the stage at this year’s in Montego Bay, alongside other dancehall and international mega stars.

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