iCandy's shares her top five style essentials. Check out her latest glamor shots and tell us what you think.

iCandy's Shares Her Top Five Style Essentials

, often referred to as , proves that musical experience runs in her household.

The youngest sister of the singing duo Brick and Lace, the multitalented iCandy made her own indelible mark within the business of pageantry when she was crowned 2nd runner-up within the Miss World Pageant 2004, walking away with the talent award.

Considering that then, the radiant and chic woman continues to push forward in her pursuit as a solo artiste, creatively adding a sophisticated yet sultry model to now not best her song, however to her cloth cabinet as smartly.

“My personal style is based on my mood and how I feel; it depends too on the occasion. My fashion varies, from casual shorts and flat boots to elegant clinging dress. I like to feel comfortable, so I dress for comfort. Being an island girl, too, I like to wear things that are light, cool and flowy. I like to switch things up as well because I’m not afraid to experiment and wear different looks,” she admits to Style Moments.

Check out the photo gallery for some glamorous shots of iCandy!

iCandy’s 5 style essentials are as followed:

1. Earrings. I’m always wearing earrings. My face feels bare, and I just feel naked overall without them. They are an absolute must for me.

2. Lipgloss and mascara. These are both quick to apply and are also necessary for my day. Lipgloss always pops my face whenever I am on the go, which is quite often, while mascara helps to brighten the eyes, even when the face is lightly made up.

3 . Jeans. They are fundamental, always in my wardrobe. I can put them on with anything to either dress them up, or dress them down, depending on my mood. It’s all about how you accessorise them.

4. Hair accessories. these accessories include pins, clips, even my flat iron, anything needed to do my hair. I use them daily to style my hair and I travel with some of them too, just in case I need to change my hairstyle at any given time.

5. Fitness and a good attitude. Fitness is very important in my line of work, so I try to exercise as often as I can, and eat healthily as well, as being healthy is integral. I carry around a good attitude with me, keeping a positive outlook, making that swag match and bring off my outfits.


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