Congratulations to Caribbean's Next Top Model, Treveen Stewart!

Treeven Stewart Is Caribbean's Next Top Model 2013

We are proud to announce that the winner of Caribbean’s Next Top Model is Treveen Stewart.

The battle began as 23 chosen finalists set foot in Trinidad and Tobago for their first challenge to promote AIDS awareness. As 23 quickly dwindled down to 11, viewers were introduced to the beautiful model hopefuls from around the Caribbean. From military themed challenges with pose offs, to makeovers sponsored by CHI and Amerindian themed photo shoots where the girls dared to bare their all, the girls tried their best to prove they have what it takes to be on top.

Throughout the episode, recaps of the tension between the finalists took center stage as it was displayed that Lisa, Athaliah and Treveen were oftentimes culprits of drama in the house. In never before seen outtakes, CNTM showed that there was never a dull moment with the girls. From putting up with gross shower amenities during boot camp, to crazy bets after challenges, the excitement never stopped.

1st runner up, Stephany, the leggy beauty from Curaçao, was determined to let her elegance and confidence take her to the end. Meanwhile Treveen, the Caymanian who dreams of being a supermodel, was prepared to let her personality land her the grand prize.

Treveen Stewart built up her portfolio, spotted in several magazines such as i-D Magazine and appearing in R&B soul singer Robin Thicke’s “Sex Therapy” video.

Discovered at the age of 15 when she won a regional modeling contest, she had the opportunity to sign with a US modeling agency. Instead of signing, Treveen decided to finish high school since her passion at that time was running track and field. Her big break came after high school when a renowned photographer asked her to do a photo shoot and the photos ended up in a high-profile magazine. This was her sign to pursue modeling full-time.

Both finalists, passionate about modeling, have expressed their interests in using CNTM as a platform for other ventures.

Stephany, one of the youngest entrepreneurs from Curacao, decided to stick with modeling after seeing her work in a magazine. Her skills however, are not limited to the world of modeling. She also has a huge passion for cooking and would love to someday own a restaurant.

Treveen’s inspiration to join CNTM was due to her best friend, who suggested that she pursue a modeling career. In the future, Treveen hopes to combine modeling, cooking and acting with the possibility of starting her very own television show in the Caribbean.

Congratulations to Caribbean’s Next Top Model, Treveen Stewart!

Some images are courtesy of Maria Bernal Photography.

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