Celebrity Chef and International Diabetes Advocate Charles Mattocks extends his work to Jamaica with diabetes reality TV show “Reversed” and new talk, cooking and travel show “Conversations In the Kitchen”.

Celebrity Chef Charles Mattocks brings 'Convo In the Kitchen' to Jamaica

Celebrity Chef and International Diabetes Advocate extends his work to Jamaica with diabetes reality TV show “Reversed” and new talk, cooking and travel show “Conversations In the Kitchen”.

With nearly 400 million people worldwide living with diabetes and almost 5 million having died in 2013 alone from diabetes complications, one man has made it his mission to fight tirelessly to represent the voice of these people.

A type II diabetic himself, Celebrity Chef Charles Mattocks has spent the last five years raising awareness across the world for diabetes.

He is an author for the American Diabetes Association as well as one of only a few persons to represent the International Diabetes Federation as their Blue Circle Champion.

His work in diabetes also saw him creating three cookbooks, the latest of which was released by the American Diabetes Association in June, 2014 titled “The BUDGET-FRIENDLY Fresh & Local Diabetes Cookbook”.

With his strong heritage and love for the people of Jamaica, Charles is also happy to have been recently appointed the first Brand Ambassador for the Diabetes Association of Jamaica.

“I want the world to see the faces afflicted with diabetes. Not just the numbers and statistics.I want everyone to see the fear that is felt, the courage it takes and the tears, smiles and hope,” Charles Mattocks said in relation to his passion for being an International Diabetes Advocate.

Charles is also the nephew of the late legend the Hon. Robert Nesta Marley aka “Bob Marley”.

He frequently visits Jamaica to continue his mission of raising awareness for diabetes, a disease which affects almost 1 out of every 4 Jamaicans, many of whom are not even aware of their status.

He was a headline chef at the recently held Jamaica Epicurean Escape as well as the Heart Foundation of Jamaica’s “Simply Red” Wine & Food Festivals. 

He also served the Celebrity Judge at the Miss Universe Jamaica 2014 Coronation Show and is excited to be the Celebrity Chef, Judge at the upcoming Taste of Jamaica Culinary Competition and Expo being organized by the Culinary Federation of Jamaica.

He will also be leading a special health seminar at this event to be held October 18 & 19 at the Montego Bay Convention Centre.

Charles is planning to produce the first ever diabetes reality TV Show, “Reversed”, which will be aired worldwide.

The show will take seven contestants who are living with diabetes from around the world and bring them to a beautiful retreat in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

They will be seen by top experts in diabetes from nutritionists to endocrinologists to yoga and fitness instructors as well as health coaches including Dr. Robin Smith from the Oprah Winfrey Network.

They will be taught how to live their best life despite having diabetes. 

Charles admits that this will be a major show that will shake up the world of diabetes.  He plans on beginning production of this show soon.  In the interim, he has been busy producing his new talk, cooking and travel-based TV show “Conversations In The Kitchen” which is set to air across the within the next 90 days.

“Conversations In The Kitchen” takes us into the homes and lives of some of the biggest movers and shakers in the Caribbean!

Charles states that “Conversations In The Kitchen” is like Oprah meets food and travel.  The show goes into the homes and shares the lives of the people we all see and love but may not know on a personal level. They allow Charles to spend a few hours and then they cook him a healthy meal while showcasing their homes/destinations.

Some of the best conversations happen inside the kitchen and “Conversations In The Kitchen” is about exposing the people behind the faces we see on television. 

There will be an intimate conversation along with a great meal that may take them back to their youth or a time when they may not have been so well off.

The interviews will introduce each person like you never imagined while also learning how to make one of their favorite meals. 

The series will bring to us episodes that feature Bob Marley’s son Rohan Marley, Carrot Jarrett from the legendary group Third World, Thalia Lyn owner of Island Grill restaurant chain, Chef Ravi Ann of the Jewel Hotel, Miss Universe Jamaica 2014 Kaci Fennell and many other exciting guests! 

This half hour series will captivate people from all around the world because of its island flair.  The show will air in four islands and Charles hopes to expand to North America, , U.S and parts of Europe. Charles is excited about the travel and tourism side of the show as he hopes to sink his fork into the travel market.

Charles states “Brand Caribbean is powerful and we hope to allow the millions around the world that love the islands to look into its amazing people.” 

You can learn more about this exciting show by visiting www.convointhekitchen.com as well as watching the previews below.

Read more about Charles Mattocks at www.charlesmattocks.com

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