"JAMAICA I Love You But Things Ain't The Same..." Find out why!


Recently, I logged on my Facebook just to stumble on a very interested status by a member of (from Sweden), JaQueline.

Her status stated, “ I Love You But Things Ain’t The Same…”

With that, a friend commented,”I kinda felt the same from time to time during my last stay. But in what way would u say things has changed?.”

“Mmm Yes also want to know: p,” commented another friend.


JaQueline then shared your views on the entertainement and nightlife scenes in Jamaica, in a disapproval manner that I agreed.

Her comment was as stated:

Mostly talking about the nightlife and dancing perspective. Too many people just going out the to “model”, standing around drinking and posing.

Many selectas keep on choosing a selection of songs which affects the party in such way that it never really has the time to get started before the police come and lock it off and then u reach a next party just to go through the same procedure over again which makes u loose your mode.

Because of this many of the dancers don’t go out to often, at least not the crews I want to see (the older generation or the guys who been dancing since Bogle days).

Then the love and respect between the dancers (and also soundsystems) seems to be failing quite often, the unity is not as strong.. Heard that many of the new crews don’t show the older generation any respect (?).

Loved it when everybody was doing the same moves to these dancing tunes and having fun together (that is why I LOVE old school because it still brings that out of the people).

And last but not least… TOO MANY foreign people coming and “taking” over the parties without showing any respect for the people who’s does this everyday ( lack of knowledge of the culture or just ignorance ? ).

It’s ok that you want to dance and have fun but there’s different ways of doing it.

And the way many people carry themselves over here.. *sigh* I don’t know, I just want to associated with that kind behaviour.

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