Are Jamaican Men's dating expectations the leading reason for Skin-Bleaching in Jamaica? Bleaching is as trendy as smartphones.

Jamaican Men Love Browning aka Chrome Skin (Light-skinned Woman)

Are Jamaican Men’s “dating expectations” the leading reason for Skin- in ?

Are light-skinned women prettier?

Bleaching is as trendy as smartphones, Chinese accessories and knock-off brand name clothes, according to Crystal Evans of JA Blogs.

Women who go natural nowadays will say that they do not get as much attention as the women who bleach, wear plastic on their heads and layers of make up, stated the article which contains quotations from Jamaican citizens.

“Bleaching is a form of status since the bleaching is expensive and you know when some people broke, “dem start to get back-black,” according road a female skin-bleacher.”

“Girl you nah touch up your face. When you black it coming like you invisible. No man no see you,” the bleacher added.”

Men also know that “Chrome Skin” is not cheap and to date a ‘bleachers’ is to take on the responsibility of buying her products which can range from anywhere near three thousand Jamaican dollars to ten thousand per forth night, says the report.

“It was who first said that “Most of All mi love mi browning” and the King of Dance hall also dated ‘browning’ Carlene,” said another woman.

Buju Banton loves Brown Skin Women

Statements like these by popular entertainers like Buju Banton undoubtedly helped to give the older generation the notion that brown skin people had an advantage in this society, according to the writer.

“A belief with Shadist roots from the days of colonialism and slavery.”

“Some people will deny this colour issue but these young men as soon as they make some money are only interested in “wifeying” a browning, bleachers or not for whatever it is worth,” said a lady.”

“The light skin girl is as much a part of his social image as his vehicles and his house.”

“When I was a child we would sing that ” Black is beauty and red is corruption” but everywhere I looked I remember seeing ‘brownings’ in respectable positions.”

“As a matter of fact the prettiest girls in schools were often either of Mongoloid or Caucasian descent.”

“Black girls did not stand a chance in the small community pageants. Now my female peers are mostly ‘brownings’.”

“Many who have experimented with this toning of skin will say that it works. Men trip over each other to be with a hot girl.”

“Bleaching has become the hot girl’s trademark, “Can’t compete with a bleachers if you black like tar”. It is becoming more rare to see a black girl and according to men.”

“Thank God for false hair and bleaching… now there are no ugly girls left in Jamaica.”

Vybz Kartel New Look Skin Bleaching Controversy

The writer also takes on with his skin-bleaching controversy.

“Thanks to Vybz Kartel many more Jamaican men are lightening their complexion. Even so called Gangsters “bleach out” as a status symbol. Girls will scream.”

“Lord a suh the bleaching fit him, the colour just make him look cute,” said a lady.

“Girl him hot, mi just love him bleaching, ” she continued.  

“Not all females are fond of the ‘bleaching’ as some girls claim they look just like the original ‘brownings’, face white like flour and penis blacker than .”

“One christian lady stated, “Some a them favour day ghost! A don’t know why them must do themselves like that with the blue vein a show inna them foot.”

Alkaline Skin Bleaching & Perm Hairstyle

Skin-Bleaching links to Cancer, Partying and Disguise.

“Some are aware of the claims that bleaching might lead to skin cancer and the risk of destroying the melanin in their skin,” according to the article.”

“Some consider it a small price to pay for “browning” out for Christmas or “tunning it up” for ATI.”

“Afterall the brown complexion will attract someone who can pay the medical bills. When night falls and the bleachers put on their “Cover Girl” and go beneath the Disco Lights, they are as pretty as the Chrome on the men’s Vehicles.”

“Some men are woefully disappointed and share jokes of going to bed with one woman and waking up with another for the ‘Chrome Skin’ at night looks like a pitchy patchy, tie and dye clown in the daylight.”

These days, the “Brownings” are getting exploited and used just as the natural women on the street, according to the article.

“In fact across section of bleaching women can be seen with faces substantially browner than their torso and several children at their feet.”

“It seems it takes more than being a ” browning” to keep a man around and make some serious investment.”

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