Should you ever search you partner's cell phone, even when they are too secretive or keeping a password on?

Partners being too secretive with their phones is a sensitive topic in many relationships.

Searching your significant other’s cell phone can lead to the end of a relationship, or realizing you were paranoid for no reason.

Either way, the breach of privacy eroded trust that cannot be regained.

While a lot of us, yes us, may feel the need to do so, making up all these excuses why you should:

“Men are not to be trusted”

“I feel that bredren is more than bredren”

“He thinks she’s just being friendly but I know she wants more”

“Why did he cover his phone screen when I leaned over”

Whatever the motivation, here are 4 reasons, we suggest you shouldn’t search your partners phone.

1. You may jump to conclusions:

You can come across a text between your partner and a friend of the opposite sex joking around and calling each other “hun” or “babe,” and immediately you misinterpret that your partner is .

2. You may develop a habit:

You search once, you don’t find anything, phew. But you decide to go again, just checking up. And again and again. When a habit like this reveals itself, you are about to sink your relationship.

3. You find out something it was best not to know:

Your partner was being a bit secretive, you search and find out they were planning a surprise party for you. Don’t you now wish you didn’t snoop? There will be many things that will be hid from you with valid reasons, let sleeping dogs lie.

4. Respect for yourself:

Searching your partner’s phone shows you’re insecure. If you have find something to be insecure about in your relationship, respect yourself enough to have a discussion with your partner. After all, your relationship won’t have a future without mutual trust.

It is clearly best to grant your partner their privacy and respect that. If you have to investigate, it may be time to walk away as your relationship should be fortified by trust.

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