Before you get your heart involved with a Jamaican man, learn these 10 rules.

Before we get down to the nitty, gritty can we simply agree that not all men, or all men in general for that matter, are the same.

Just as soon as you think you have a group of people fastened, that’s when someone will flip it on you.

When it comes to , it is very important to start at a slow pace. Otherwise you two may have to take some steps back.

These rules were designed to help you get to know your Jamaican man and to help you get to know what he is all about before you involve your heart.

However these rules are just a guideline everyone must do what they really feel is best for them at any given moment.


Rule #1 Don’t Show Weakness of Any Kind

The Jamaican Culture takes satisfaction in its self on strength and endurance.

Your man may count on you to show strength even at instances when you don’t really feel so sturdy. Show your Jamaican man that you can handle anything that comes your way.

Some situations call for you to hold your head up high, some call for you to stand up for yourself.

Some call for you to simply keep smiling. Particularly in circumstances involving other people.

If at any time you are feeling weak, don’t present it in public. Wait until you’re behind closed doors.

Rule #2 Always Keep A Clean Vagina

Everybody knows typically vaginas can get a little funky, as a consequence of sweat and so forth.

A Jamaican man expects his woman to keep a clean and fresh vagina at all times.

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance in the Jamaican Culture.

That time of the month is no excuse either, for a sour smelly “pum pum”.

Keep your “paradise” fresh at all times no matter what.

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