Jamaican men are captivating and require special instructions when dating.

Issues around , sex and relationships have always been hot topics.

In the — love, sex, and relationships — have their standards and how they work across the islands can be extremely different.

Relationships are processes. They take considerable effort (sometimes labor) from both participating parties and work best when each is in tune with the wants and needs of their partner.

men are captivating and require special instructions when .

Their charm, dominance, and boldness can be off-putting if you aren’t open to understanding and appreciating how those characteristics are in line with their culture.


The top five (5) things you should know when dating a Jamaican are:

Damian Jr. Gong Marley - Dating A Jamaican Man

1. Won’t Go Down (with Ridiculous Double Standards)

While it’s generally assumed that most American men taste it before they stuff it, that’s not something Jamaican men do.

Well, let’s be real. Concerning the essence, it is said that many Jamaican men do it, but it’s not something they’ll disclose in public.

Also, Jamaican men believe it’s a normal part of their repertoire, where a woman is expected to go down but not them. A ridiculous double standard but it’s true.

While some Jamaican men think its gross, others conclude that it makes you less of a man.

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