Bruce Golding, former prime minister of Jamaica, has released his argument pertaining Jamaica and it's uprising pressure of a powerful gay-rights lobby.

Jamaica Folding Under Pressure of Powerful Gay-Rights Lobby -

This new libertarian view of the right to choose is dangerous because once that moral tether is severed, no taboo can then be justified. What, other than moral considerations, would be the basis for retaining the Incest (Punishment) Act and depriving a man and his adult consenting daughter the right to cohabit? Yet the vast majority of Jamaicans would consider that abhorrent.

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Why? Because it offends our moral values and cultural tradition.

The Church seems to have reached the point of exhaustion; some have capitulated and even enthroned bishops and conducted same-sex marriages; others have retreated into soteriology.

The gay lobby has successfully positioned its campaign as a human-rights issue. If that is what it is, there is virtually no choice in terms of personal behaviour that cannot be justified on similar grounds. At its core, it is an issue of values. That is where the battle must be pitched and fought and won.

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