Three of the four males reportedly found murdered, execution-style, in the Monymusk Housing Scheme in Clarendon, were in their teens.

Quadruple murder leaves Peaceful Community in shock

A 6-year-old boy prances around and plays on a computer tablet at a yard in the Monymusk Housing Scheme in Clarendon, seemingly oblivious to Wednesday night’s tragedy that has robbed him of his father, after gunmen snuffed out the life of Marquis Hamilton, 35, and three teenage boys, execution-style, at the front of his yard.

Clarendon Quadruple Killing a Dark Day in Jamaica’s History

The teenagers who lost their lives in the incident are 14-year-old Raymond Givans, a student of the Vere Technical High; Ricardo Briscoe, also 14 years old, of Garvey Maceo High; and 16-year-old Alex Turner of Central High.

All four were found lying face down with gunshot wounds to their heads.

Later in the day, Hamilton’s brother arrived at the home where bloodstains could still be seen on the grass. He hurriedly called his six-year-old nephew, who was still playing, and lifted the child, embracing him. It was perhaps then that the reality of the tragedy began to dawn on the boy as tears trickled down his cheeks.

Karen White, Hamilton’s partner, is devastated. She wept bitterly when media reporters visited her home – the scene of the quadruple murder.

She told media reporters that her child’s father, who worked as a payroll clerk at the Monymusk Sugar Factory in Clarendon, did not seek to harm anyone.

“Mi son don’t have a father and I don’t have anybody now,” she lamented.

Portia Simpson Miller says her heart is full of sadness following the quadruple murder in Hayes, Clarendon Wednesday (April 15).

Clarendon Quadruple Killing a Dark Day in Jamaica’s History

Youth Minister, Lisa Hanna, says the killings in Clarendon represent a dark day for the country. She says it’s cold hearted and uncompassionate.

She says the Child Development Agency is visiting the schools to provide help. She’s also appealing to anyone with information to provide it to the police.

Meanwhile, the Office of the Children’s Advocate, OCA, is condemning the reported execution-style killing of the boys.

In a statement this afternoon, Children’s Advocate, Diahann Gordon Harrison, says there’re depraved monsters among us, who have no concept of humanity within their souls.

According to reports from the Corporate Communications Unit, the three boys were walking along the roadway about 9:00 pm when they were pounced upon by two armed men who forced them onto Hamilton’s premises. The men then allegedly demanded money and phones from them, however, their demands were not met.

The four were subsequently shot.

The Police High Command has since ramped up its security presence in major towns, business districts and communities in the parish.

The Clarendon Police have nabbed two men, they believe are linked to last night’s shocking killing of four people, including three boys, at a house in Monymusk, Hayes, Clarendon. 

The two are now being questioned by investigators. 

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