The number of confirmed cases of the Zika-virus is on the rise in Jamaica, according to the country's Health Minister.

The number of confirmed cases of the Zika-virus in has increased from 16 to 21, Hype Life Magazine has learned.

Health Minister Dr. Tufton made the disclosure on Tuesday, June 7 in the House of Representatives.

The Health Minister says the Government will be providing $1-million each to the 63 Members of Parliament to further intensify the fight against Zika.

Two weeks ago, the Health Ministry reported that there were 16 confirmed cases of Zika in Jamaica.

Dr. Tufton delivered a statement to parliament and indicated that the number has increased by five.

Dr. Tufton says he’s seeking the help of his colleague MPs in the Zika fight.

Tufton told parliament that the number of Zika-related cases of microcephaly in Jamaica remains at nil.

Dr Tufton reminded parliament that it’s likely that the number of confirmed cases of Zika in Jamaica is just a small fraction of the number of infections.

He urged MPs to use money from the Constituency Development Fund to help fight Zika. And the Opposition Spokesman on Health, Horace Dalley says it’s clear that the Zika virus affecting Jamaica has reached crisis proportions.

Mr. Dalley says he’s concerned about the number of Zika notifications received.

The Opposition Spokesman urged the Government to increase the efficiency of the virology lab at the University of the West Indies where Zika cases are tested.

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