A Jamaican gynaecologist is doing major works -- tightening the female's organ and increasing intercourse gratification in Montego Bay.

Gynaecologist says procedure bringing back the love in Marriages

After giving birth to three children, the 33-year-old Montego Bay based-woman just couldn’t get the pleasure she once experienced during intercourse.

The woman, who has been married for almost three years, said the tightness in her private area no longer existed.

Fearing that the lacklustre intercourse could impact negatively on her marriage, she became worried, and suffered in silence for several months.

“It [sexual intercourse] just didn’t feel the same as before, and I know my husband who is 37 felt the same way about it, even though he said it’s okay. But I know for sure that he just wasn’t getting that feeling like before, just like myself, and so I became very concerned about our marriage,” she told media reporters.

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