In Jamaica, a senior cop predicts that new measures to reduce crime will bear positive results for 2016.

As a result of changes employed within the Constabulary Force (JCF), Deputy Commissioner of (DCP) George Quallo has boldly predicted that there will be a reduction in come the end of 2016.

He said that his approach to “hit the ground” and communicate better with what he describes as grass roots will see an improvement in the execution of tasks throughout the force.

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“I have full confidence and I will take it to another level. I am overly confident that this year will see us reducing crime when we compare to what was done last year,” Quallo told local media reporters.

DCP Quallo noted that while there may not be an issue with communicating, a distortion happens before it filters to the lower level of the force’s hierarchy.

“The formal communication sometimes don’t reach to the ground level the way it is intended, so somewhere between the sender and the receiver there is a little bit of a distortion and you may even find in some instances, different meanings,” he said.

“So you send to say I want x but when you reach down there is x time y or x minus y, but by hitting the ground and motivating the team that’s one of the most critical aspects,” he explained.

The approach, which he said he has been using for the last few weeks, provides the best medium of communication throughout the lower level.

He said that this has proven successful internally and has led to the re-energising of officers at the various ranks.

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The newly appointed DCP also attributed the decrease in the number of murders since the start of the year when compared to last year, to the re-energised staff and better relations.

“From some time last year we have re-energised the management structure and once you re-energise the management structure then it filters right down to the last drawing man on the ground,” Quallo explained.

He also attributed the decrease to the presence of members of the high command in the streets and enforcing the law.

“You find now if you even look on the streets you find more ‘khaki suit’ on the road, going out there making a difference, giving the youngsters on the ground that level of confidence in how they carry out their functions,” he added.

“And the fact is, too, our present commissioner has been on the streets, to all the divisions in recent times. As you know my style, while I was the commander for Area Four, I would have been at all stations throughout,” he also stated.

The number of recorded murders in 2015 was 1,192 — the highest murder toll in the last five years, according to police statistics.

The number of recorded murders so far this year is approximately 20 less than the number of murders at the same time in January of last year.

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