The Cayman Islands recorded its first murder in 2018 with the killing of a Jamaican man.

A Jamaican man has died after he was shot multiple times in the over the weekend.

The police are investigating an incident in which a Jamaican native was murdered in George Town late Saturday (Jan 21).

According to the police report, law enforcers were called to the scene where the man was gunned down at around 9:20 pm yesterday evening on Eastern Avenue, in the car park of Walton Centre on Eastern Avenue.

They found the man suffering from gunshot wounds.

He was pronounced dead some time later in the night after being taken to the hospital.

Authorities have confirmed that the man was a resident of George Town, who was 28 years old but they have not yet formally identified him.

Images of the victim following the shooting have circulated on social media but the police has requested that the public stop sending and posting the pictures.

This is the Cayman Islands’ first murder for 2018.

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