During a raid-operation in Trench Town, Jamaican soldiers discovered a C4 explosive in the ceiling of a house.

The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) is raising concerns about the discovery of a plastic explosive material known in military circles as C-4 or composition-4.

The material was discovered during a joint -military operation in the inner-city community of Trench Town, South St. Andrew on Thursday, April 21.

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The explosive material was found in an 18 inch tube during a cordon and search operation in the ceiling of a house on Lower Second Street.

A 12 Gauge Shotgun was with two cartridges was also discovered.

The JDF says the sheer destructive power of the compound and it’s limited civilian use is of particular concern.

C-4 is an explosive material which originated in the United Kingdom.

It has a similar make-up to modeling clay and can be molded into any desired shape.

C-4 is highly explosive and is commonly used by Militaries such as the United States and the UK.

Civil-Military Co-operation and Media Affairs Officer for the JDF Major Basil Jarrett says C-4 has also come into favour with extremists groups in the Middle East.

Major Jarrett says during the May 2010 security forces operation in west Kingston in search of Christopher Coke a cache of C-4 was also found.

“One of the not so known mandates of the JDF is counter-terrorism response and C4 has develop a reputation as a tool of the trade for persons who want to cause destruction and mayhem and panic in places like the middle east but we don’t to go as far as the middle east because, if you may recall that in May 2010 we actually discovered quite a bit of C4 and other similar explosives including dynamite and hand grenades. Another type of improvised explosive devices during that operation, so naturally we would be very very concerned when we start to find things like C4s on operations,” said Major Jarret.

Major Jarrett says the security forces are investigating how how criminals got possession of the deadly explosive material.

“C4 has some limited uses in a civilian capacity. How this particular patch came to be in the hands of persons in Trench Town — well I’m sure those are the question the investigators will be looking to answer. The good thing here though, is that C4 is relatively stable so chances of an accidental detonation are slim but that being said, it hold a exceptional amount of destructive power and so we are very concern about it’ presence in the hand s of criminals,” Major Jarret explained.

The JDF media affairs officer says moves are being made to ensure C-4 does not become a regular part of the criminal arsenal.

“What we discovered in Tivoli Gardens in May 2010 showed us the expense that criminal gang will go to achieve their various ends. I hope and pray that we don’t get to a point were we see gangs regularly deploying C4 as part of their criminal activities but As I said, our job here is to pay close attention when we see these things happen and develop the necessary response to prevent it from escalating,” Major Jarret added.

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