A Jamaican policeman, who threatened to jump from a building, talks being humiliated by the force and sexually assaulted by a male colleague.

Constabulary Gavin Wisdom, the policeman who threatened to jump from a building in Manchester two weeks ago, has expressed remorse for the high drama that unfolded and is adamant that he was not serious about taking his life.

Instead, the cop, Wisdom, who goes by the name Wissy, said his outlandish action was a desperate cry for help, which he feels is still being ignored.

He told reporters that he would never commit suicide even though threats have been made against his life.

Wisdom, who has been enlisted since 2007, said he was under immense pressure and only resorted to the roof stunt to get attention to address issues he was facing, particularly in the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

“I had no intention of jumping.

I have no intention to run from this country.

Members of the hierarchy, the management team of the Manchester division, are against me.

I have also faced sexual advances from a male colleague,” the constable said.

“Let me make a public apology to my family and extended family, loved ones, business community, colleagues, and everybody,” the cop said.

“However, something led me to go up so high and I am going to reassure the public now because I have affirmed in the organisation to serve and protect, so am now reassuring the public that history will not repeat itself.”

The constable, dressed in uniform sporting a face mask, was equipped with a rope, seemingly ready to hang himself.

Eyewitnesses observed that he was there for more than two hours, knotting the rope, placing it around his neck and removing it several times as if uncertain about what he actually wanted to do.

According to Wisdom, his woes began in 2009, two years after he joined the Jamaica Constabulary Force. Then, he was charged with larceny of a firearm.

Wisdom was charged after a Glock pistol went missing from a police station in Clarendon. The case against him was dismissed by the courts after a no case-submission by attorney Peter Champagnie.

Among the things that Champaignie relied on was the fact that the station’s registry was inconclusive as to whether the weapon, which had been issued to Wisdom, was returned.

But despite walking free from the court, the JCF sought to boot the young cop. Wisdom was again in court, and again the law was on his side as the court ruled that he should be reinstated.

However, the young policeman says that he is being made to feel unwelcome in the force.

“I was suspended for larceny of a firearm.

That is what started all of this.

I was humiliated, dragged before the courts for something I knew nothing of.

People are being demoted, people not getting promotion. They label me mad from that incident because I chose to fight the good fight.

I won the case and they took it on themselves to convict me even though the court said I am not guilty,” Wisdom said.

“We want to abolish this system. We want it to stop. Bright minds are suffering and I am one of them.

I have a lot of friends in the force who are afraid to speak out,” he added.

Wisdom, who is without a firearm as it was confiscated in 2011, said that he has been sidelined by his superiors and given desk and other non-operation duties.

“They want me out of the force because I brought a former [high-ranking member of the force] to court because he was acting outside his powers.

I have spent so much money on lawyers, I’m broke.

They still write me for their money,” Wisdom said.

Wisdom told media reporters that he is fighting for injustice as he is stressed out after enduring pain and suffering from challenges in the constabulary.

The officer told reporters that he wants to know why he can’t get a promotion, reinstated to regular duty, work freely, and why his contract can’t get extended beyond a year.

Although the force regulations allow for the contract of an officer to be extended for five-year periods, he has only been getting one-year contracts, according to Wisdom.

When asked how his parents, who are both still alive, have been coping with last week’s incident, Wissy said:

“I tell them no matter what they see in the media, don’t believe it.

They know I am a fighting. They can’t fight for me.

I am strategically making these steps,” the constable said.

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