A family of one of the student pilots that died in a plane crash in Kingston is considering to take legal action.

It has been made known that the family of one of the student pilots that died in a plane crash in Greenwich Town on Nov 10 is waiting on a probe to carefully consider their next move legally.

Dawn Singh-Gilmore, mother to Danshuvar Gilmore, has confirmed this information.

There has been some concerns pertaining to safety with the plane that crashed.

A former student of the Caribbean Aviation Training Centre, who opted to remaining an unnamed source, stated he had to leave the school because of management and administrative problems.

He also stated that there were issues with planes being adequately serviced and insurance coverage.

According to reports, the plane crashed in the back of a yard on Seaview Lane, Greenwich Farm, just minutes after it left the Tinson Pen Aerodrome about 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

The aircraft burst into flames on impact and also ignited a house.

Director General of the JCAA, Nari Williams-Singh says the agency will review the history of the aircraft, collect eyewitness statements and other evidence to determine the factors that could have led to incident.

Thirty-one-year-old flight instructor Jonathan Worton of Boonhall in Stony Hill, and student pilots Ramone Forbes from St Mary, and Danshuvar “Whiskers” Gilmore of Ocean Hill in St Ann, were killed after their aircraft crashed into an abandoned building in the densely populated country.

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