Students at Jamaica College (Secondary school in Kingston, Jamaica) allegedly desire male sex, according to Carolyn Cooper, a known teacher of English language and literature at UWI, Mona.

KC Old Boys Desire Male Sex, Says UWI Teacher

KC Old Boys Desire Male Sex, Says UWI Lecturer

Students at College (Secondary school in Kingston, ) allegedly desire male sex, according to , a known teacher of English language and literature at UWI, Mona.

On November 9, Carolyn Cooper published a column title “KC Old Boys Desire Male Sex.”

As-is, Cooper in her article states:

I have great respect for the KC old boys who have proudly come out and made their sexual preference absolutely clear. The female sex is not for them.

In 2012 and 2013, the KC Old Boys’ Association tried to make it with women at their annual dinner. They concluded that the experiment had failed. This year, under the leadership of Dr Patrick Dallas, the old boys decided to stick to themselves.

It’s quite understandable. For five or even seven years, at a crucial stage of their sexual development, these KC old boys spent five days, every week for most of the year with their beloved classmates. They fought and made up. They played games on and off the field. And they embraced each other in victory and defeat.


These old boys have become big men, in theory. They have big jobs, big houses, big cars and big debts to prove it. But many of these big men are still just little boys dressed up in adult clothing. They long for the good old days on North Street when being a KC boy promised to make life so easy. It entitled you to an eternity of privilege.

It must be quite difficult for these old boys to adjust and learn to enjoy the company of women – their natural inferiors. It’s not a skill at which they’ve had much practice. Their mothers and sisters don’t count. They’re family. Quite inappropriate for certain forms of exploration! And female teachers don’t make good role models. They lack the right equipment.

Some of these old boys may eventually get married to women. But it now seems as if they don’t really enjoy associating with the female sex. It’s just not to their taste. They certainly don’t want to wine and dine with women. They may occasionally do so on the down-low. But definitely not in public!

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