Students at Jamaica College (Secondary school in Kingston, Jamaica) allegedly desire male sex, according to Carolyn Cooper, a known teacher of English language and literature at UWI, Mona.


The origin of that word ‘companion’ is Latin. ‘Com’ means ‘with’ and ‘panis’ means ‘bread’. So, literally, a companion is someone you eat bread with. And that includes patty and box juice. Your heartical brejrin. No woman can come between a man and his bona fide high-school sweethearts. Plural. No matter how hard she tries. The brave may fall but never yield!

All the same, several old boys don’t approve of that backward move to exclude women from the annual dinner. These are the real big men who have definitely grown up.


They have no intention of leaving their female companions at home while they go off to live in the past with their high-school sweethearts. After the old boys’ dinner, they’ll want to share bread and bed with their woman.

is the ‘brother’ school of St Hugh’s. On November 22, we’ll be having our 115th anniversary banquet. We’re including men. It’s such a pity some KC old boys don’t seem to understand that it’s in their best interest to associate with women, the superior sex. Good sense just might rub off on them. It takes a new kind of old boy to get it.

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