A conflict about loud music being played among family members turned bloody on January 18 when a man was chopped to death by his sisters.

Sisters chopped Brother to Death over Loud Music in Jamaica

A conflict about loud music being played among family members turned bloody on Sunday (Jan. 18) when a man was chopped to death allegedly by his sisters in Westmoreland, .

Hype Life Magazine understands that three sisters are now under investigation as the police await a post-mortem which is to be carried out today on the body of their brother, 40-year-old Milton Dixon, who reportedly died as a result of chop and stab wounds inflicted on him.

Reports are that on Sunday morning, complaints of loud music being played within the household by one of the sisters initially triggered an argument with Dixon, which turned physical.

One of the sisters went into her room and started playing a stereo loud which resulted in her being reprimanded by the brother.

It was from there that the argument which turned into a fight began.

At least two of the sisters had to nurse serious injuries received during the melee on Sunday morning.

Deputy Superintender of Police (DSP) Andrew Nish of the Westmorland police told media reporters that checks were being made into allegations that Dixon was abusive and this may have sparked the fight.

Statements were taken from the sisters and they were released pending further investigation.

“I made checks with the Withhorn police and they cannot confirm that such reports were made and entered in the station diary. I will have to check back with the sergeant who was still trying to locate such reports…” Nish told reporters.

“They are not charged at this time, statements have been collected and the post-mortem is scheduled for tomorrow (today). after that process, then we will conduct a question and answer session in the presence of their attorneys, following which a file will be sent to the director of public prosecutions for ruling,” Nish explained.

The homicide has since brought the murder count in Westmoreland to six, since the start of the year.

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