After all of the hype and pre-fight drama and buildup, Conor McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds to become the new UFC featherweight champion.

Irish fighter has just won title of Featherweight Champion of the world in a stunning showdown against former champion  at the Octagon in Las Vegas.

Conor McGregor is one of the remarkable stories in sports.

The man came in talking about how great he was from day one, talking himself up like few others ever have.

He then proceeded to defeat every opponent and knocked out a dominant champion who hadn’t lost in ten years in a matter of seconds.

It was like he willed it into being. 

McGregor knocked out the Brazilian fighter with a swift left hand KO just 13 seconds into the match in an undisputed win of the fastest UFC title fight ever.

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A pro-McGregor crowd filled the MGM Grand Garden Arena for the big showdown, and seconds later they were in dreamland.

A MASSIVE left hand drilled Aldo, who fell immediately. McGregor threw hammerfists on the ground and Aldo was out cold. It was just about the first punch McGregor threw, and Aldo was finished.

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It is the fastest finish in the history of UFC title fights. McGregor backed up his talk and in record time he became the new featherweight champion.

Jose Aldo even landed a left hand of his own as he was going down, but McGregor’s punch was first, it was harder, and Aldo was out.

Aldo loses for only the 2nd time in his career, and for the first time by KO.

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The UFC 194 main event between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor was billed as one of the most anticipated fights in UFC history, and definitely the biggest in featherweight history.

Watch Conor McGregor’s winning speech after knocking out Jose Aldo in Seconds In UFC!

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