In Jamaica, roadside hairdressing and cosmetology, has slowly taken over the streets of downtown Kingston, and now they are on the forefront of popularity.

In the heart of downtown Kingston, — women can be seen at numerous hair shops along the roadside at Princess and Duke streets — buying hair, as well as getting their hair and nails done.

This trend, popularly known as ‘roadside hairdressing’ and ‘cosmetology’, has slowly taken over downtown Kingston, and now they are on the forefront of popularity.

Many of the streetside stylists claimed that unemployment was the main factor that led them to trade in the first place, and having no option but to set up ‘shop’ on the sidewalks.

The women have set up their operations outside shops that are noted for selling mainly hair products.

That has given them an advantage in terms of visibility to passers-by and an open portfolio to those who are interested.

Their methods of operation are very suited to what they do; by not taking on any jobs that are hours long and by not using electricity, they have managed to survive the normal utilities of a regular salon and the bills that those would have incurred.

The hairdressers claimed that it was their open portfolio that attracted some clients.

The street-side hairdressers also claimed that it was their professionalism, as well as their pricing, that kept their clients coming back for more.

As they claimed, they are just unemployed women who have turned to this as a means of survival.

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