Video of Daylight Sex on New Kingston sidewalk goes Viral

A video of a skinny man and a large woman having sex in broad daylight in New Kingston has crept up on social media.

Video of Daylight Cock Up on New Kingston sidewalk goes Viral

A video of a skinny man and a large woman having sex in broad daylight in has crept up on social media, Hype Life Magazine has witnessed.

On Tuesday, the video has racked up close to half-a-million views on Facebook and is being shared through messaging application such as WhatsApp and BBM.

The footage, which was recorded somewhere along Ripon Road, shows the large woman, believed to be a prostitute, bent over a motor vehicle as a slim man has his way with her.

The road, as well as surrounding areas is reportedly viewed as a hotspot for such activities.

The man, who was wearing a condom as he did his business in the video, was being boosted by his friends recording his escapade.

However, the man is being derided by the prostitute and a few others for having ‘finished’ too quickly.

At the end of the video, the woman disposes of the condom, pushes the man away, then walks off.

On Wednesday afternoon, broken magnum glass bottles and a few used condoms tell the tale of the activities which transpired on that road, which is a location for several businesses, as well as a popular strip club.

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A manager for one of the businesses close to where the video was recorded expressed anger at the situation.

“It is upsetting and frustrating. You would think it’s Coronation Market. We have been complaining in silence to the police,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Superintendent in charge of the New Kingston Police Post, Christopher Murdock, said the police use high visibility patrol to deter such activities.

“Whatever activities are taking place on Ripon Road, the police use the high visibility patrol at nights. When persons see the light coming, whatever activities persons would be involved in, they would desist,” he said.

Murdock added that covert operations would need to be set up to catch persons in the act. No arrests have been made in relation to prostitution.

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