Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt Wins 9.79 100m Final IAAF World Championship Beijing 2015.

Usain Bolt Wins Gold at the World Championships 2015

Jamaican sprinter Wins 9.79 100m Final IAAF World Championship Beijing 2015

As Usain Bolt fulfilled his final media duties inside the Bird’s Nest stadium after winning 100m gold, with cleaners tidying around him and a security team sweeping the infield one of his diehard fans draped in the Jamaican flag screamed: ‘Yes Usain Bolt, thank you man!’

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Over the years Bolt’s victories on the global stage, now nine World Championships and six Olympic gold medals, have inspired awe and disbelief but never such an outpouring of gratitude.

Talk of him saving the sport by beating one doper in Justin Gatlin might be a tad overstated.

After all there are still 66 convicted drugs cheats in Beijing and four of them took up a lane in the 100m final alone.

It will take considerably more than 9.79sec, Bolt’s winning time, to solve a problem of that magnitude.

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